International Leadership Team

Danny Chen

Managing Director

With over 18 years of experience in international business and the last 5 years in international education, Mr. Danny Chen has significant knowledge and understanding of the American education system that can aide and bridge the Asian education system in the Far East and synthesize it together for both the parents and students onto another whole new standard of learning. Having the privilege to become a fluent multi-lingual Asian-American that grew up in the United States and yet being able to spend a bountiful of time traveling and living in Asia on and off, he is able to better grasp the perspectives and demands of the Asian families alongside with the school system. Hence, he is able to provide a more well-rounded definite educational solution to each unique individual that will potentially study abroad, particular in North America.  

    He recently joined forces with Bella Vista to broaden the international market, specifically the Asian market, in expanding Bella Vista College Preparatory School by maximizing the unlimited potential of its learning system, particularly the online academic program. As the international managing director, he is able to connect many various private organizations, schools, teachers, students, and parents overseas by bringing them a new horizon of the American education system and mutually benefit the students to the fullest.  

    Mr. Danny Chen is now leading the international team with full force in guiding and assisting the countless international Asian students in alternative techniques of learning by providing them with a bigger and brighter platform than ever before. He is the lead director for the distant learning programs for Bella Vista Global and is responsible for managing all the operations of the entire international organization.

Jerry Chen

International Director

Mr. Jerry Chen manages and directs international education program staff district-wide including overseeing international student advising, international student activities overseas, intensive online English program, study abroad and exchange programs, and other initiatives that impact these services. In collaboration with the International Coordinator to develop strategic plans, goals, and recommendations for international education program activities.


He supervises and directs the work of international education program staff in assigned areas, including scheduling work hours, conducting performance reviews, providing advice and counsel to staff on issues of policy and procedure, assisting staff in the resolution of conflicts and correcting performance problems. Provides leadership for planning, implementing, maintaining, documenting, and evaluating international education program services district-wide; develops operational policies, manuals, guides and other material necessary for efficient and effective administration.

Jerry works closely with the international education program staff, instructional departments and student services to develop strategies for improving the number of students participating in study abroad programs, international student retention and graduation rates. Responsible for cross-culture and international affairs.

Kate Chen

International Advisor

Having to be in the educational industry for numerous years, Kate is an expert in academic programs for schools, private institutions, and educational organizations.  Her primary duty is to host international seminars and events as well as coordinates teacher training for courses and consults with partner schools. She supervises instructors to teach in the intensive online English program(s) and assign teaching load. Being the International Advisor, she conducts and oversees International affairs as well as assists partner schools/ students in enrollment and helps with cross-cultural communication. She is mainly responsible for teacher training and planning international seminars and events.

She is to create collaborative programs pertaining to international students and resolve issues impacting any international students on all of Bella Vista International Academy. Kate's important presence is to be visible and present in events and programs that are relevant to international student and their issues. She works closely with relevant faculty, administrators, directors and staff, as well as attends staff meetings of other international student resources.  

She works closely with the International Director of various private schools and educational organizations on issues and policies concerning international students in higher education. Be informed on recent and relevant knowledge of Bella Vista international programs. Be informed on current events that may impact international students at Bella Vista International Academy with positive and welcoming work. 

Identify and develop areas of involvement in international affairs in which Bella Vista International Academy should engage itself. Advise all collaborating partners on international issues by weekly meeting with all the Executive Directors of Diversity Programs. Thus, Kate is definitely a vital key member of our organization. 

Tina Chew

International Public Relations

Tina is a very unique individual. What qualifies her to become our chief of international public relations is that she is a partner of an exclusive prestigious private club in the heart of Beverly Hills. She has hosted numerous celebrity events and galas including celebrity poker with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, Movie wrapping parties for Ryan Gosling, and after parties for the Oscars and the Emmys.  Her international network of friends and clienteles include prince and princess of Italy, Belgium, Georgia...etc.  


She has traveled worldwide on trips to famous designers houses that are hosted by Ambassadors of UN and US. Tina specializes in international business and international relations; she also manages an international consulting company based in Beverly Hills. Her passion for children grew tremendously, not only because of her own two children but she is also an advocate in her network for traditional and modern etiquette for children.  


Tina’s education background is that she majored in cognitive science/psychology as well as minored in education. She has a lot of experience in working with children and adolescents on behavior problems. She also worked and volunteered in many elementary schools as well as private companies. Therefore Tina plays a critical role in our international public relations and she is an incredible asset to Bella Vista Global overall.

Jway Lo

Chief Technical Officer

Jway Lo is an unique asset to our school. His valuable background and expertise in technical intelligence  within the international market amongst the Asian countries, especially in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, and Indonesia has significantly made impact to these regions and its consumers. Jway specializes in software engineering and data analysis, which is imperative to online learning, the essential core of Bella Vista Global. Having dynamic ability to overwhelm the public with conviction on datas and statistics, he is able to produce countless successful projects with more than satisfactory outcomes for many infamous companies and organizations which he independently contracted. He has multiplied astonishing benefits tenfold for the greater goods, not only to his clients but also to the general public. 

   With Jway on the Bella Vista Global international team is an esteemed asset to both the School and the students. His expertise in social media and communications helps the transition in understanding between the school, teachers, students, and the parents tremendously.  All users shall benefit remarkably via all aspects with the diverse portals that Jway opens and connects together. 

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