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I want my community to know...

“I want my friends and family back home to know that Bella Vista really was worth all the work and struggle. I'm happy here, even though I still miss my mama's cooking. We made the right choice.”

Isa Shabalala, Junior       South Africa

“Bella Vista is a great place for growth, academically and athletically. Bella Vista has great teachers and coaches who really care about the kids.”

Adeang Ring, Senior        Sydney, Australia

“I want my friends and family to know Bella Vista is a place that I can consider home.”

Ali El Zein, Senior        Ukraine

"Bella Vista is very good. They have good teachers, they try to make students feel comfortable, and they always be kind when we need help. They have a good system and high-quality in education.

Khang Tran Vu Minh, Senior        Vietnam

“Bella Vista is a safe, wholesome, and healthy environment to be a part of in preparation for college. I am grateful for this opportunity, and I hope that many more people can receive life-altering opportunities like this.”

Maanda Ramabulana, Junior        South Africa

“The community at Bella Vista cares about their student-athletes.”

Mitchell Boose, Junior        Milwaukee, WI

"The facility, the teachers, students, and coaches at Bella Vista do a great job. Coaches and teachers educate us to be better. The highlight is the campus for sure. I have housing with a nice pool, spacious house, and a comfortable bed."

Thibau Chardonnens, Sophmore        Zurich, Switzerland

“Support from coaches, mentors, and teammates has been incredible, allowing me to excel both on the court and in my studies.”

Samir Malas, Senior        Dubai, UAE

“Bella Vista is a caring and all-around great environment.”

Kaleb Hilliard, Junior        Atlanta, GA

“Bella Vista is a good school, and people care about you always. I think I did a good decision to move to get better in basketball, but home is the best!”

Gal Raviv, Senior        Israel

“Bella Vista is a good place to make new friends and learn a lot about basketball.”

Alba Andreu Moya, Senior        Spain

“Bella Vista is a great school for basketball and learning.”

Chance Singleton, Sophmore        Glendale, AZ




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