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2023-2024 Domestic Rates

Domestic High School Tuition

Domestic High School Housing



2023-2024 International Student Rates

$28,000     International Middle School Tuition
$30,000     International High School Tuition

(Duration – 10 months and includes all transportation including airport pick up and drop off)
$20,000     International High School Student Boarding
$22,000     International Middle School Student Boarding (8th grade only)
$12,000     International High School Student Home Stay Program (Shared Room) 

$1723        International Student Accident and Health Insurance (Annual)
$3200        Intensive ESL Tutoring Program for English Language Learners  
$500          SAT or ACT Preparation Course (Extracurricular)
$500          Application Fee
(-5%)         Second child discount
(-10%)       Third and beyond child discount

**International Student Tuition Assistance may be available.  Student must be admitted and in good standing in order to receive Tuition Assistance.  Tuition Assistance applications must be completed in entirety, including income disclosure, in order to be considered.