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Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Bella Vista College Preparatory Schools develop young men and women capable of taking responsibility for educational decisions that shape academic success. Our student's talents, abilities, and desires are refined through acts of community service. Faculty and students commit themselves to a higher standard of education daily. We celebrate the diversity of cultures across the globe while identifying as one Bella Vista Family.

Our Vision

Bella Vista College Preparatory is an inclusive community that empowers young men and women to become leaders determined to serve the world. We are passionately committed to excellence in education and in everything we do. Our purpose is to develop the whole person through a rigorous and holistic curriculum with ample opportunities beyond the classroom. 


We are committed to an inclusive community that promotes respect, equity, humility, courage, and societal awareness locally and globally. We believe that diversity ignites empathy and understanding in the myriad of personal experiences, values, perspectives, talents, and worldviews that arise from differences in culture and circumstance.

EXPECTED STUDENT OUTCOMES                                           

When the mission of Bella Vista College Preparatory is carried out, we expect to see the following measurable standards and changes in our students:

They are well-prepared in all academic disciplines and develop a creative and global mindset in every aspect of their learning and development. 

Have the ability and desire to research, critically analyze, and articulate information that demonstrates higher-level thinking and promotes creative solutions to real-world problems.

Students will have the fortitude to challenge themselves and learn from setbacks.

Understand the virtues of collaboration and compassion to broaden personal perspectives and help sustain a growth mindset.

Explore the world, gain new perspectives, develop understanding, and grow empathy. And continue to grow and benefit from the lifelong friendships the Bella Vista community provides.


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